Xiaomi Smartmi N95 Face Mask Review: Protect Against the Corona Virus!

Xiaomi Smartmi N95 Face Mask is better than the ordinary anti-smog mask, the user experience is better, the appearance level is higher. If there is a need, worth buying it.

Xiaomi Smartmi N95 Face Mask, N95 protection standard, 3D arch framework


The light breathing anti-haze mask of Smartmi conforms to the protection standard of KN95. (Same as N95 Standard from the US) With the introduction of 3D arch skeleton and highly breathable filter material, the filter material and the face can form a gap. Nearly 100% of the filter material area can let air flow through, expanding the ventilation area and greatly reducing the resistance. Inspiratory drag is as low as 100Pa. Under the simple appearance, it contains five layers of high-efficiency filter material, which can effectively filter harmful substances such as dust, pollen, automobile exhaust and fine particulate matter in addition to PM2.5.

The external diameter of the breathing valve reaches 40mm, making the airflow smoother. At the same time, the breathing valve is equipped with 0.3mm ultra-thin silica gel valve, resilient, high tightness, low expiratory resistance up to 45Pa, ensure the face is always dry and comfortable, not easy to damp. Each Smartmi light breathing anti-smog mask is equipped with an ear band hook that contains three gears. When worn with the ear band hook, the tightness of the mask will be further enhanced. Even if the user wears glasses, the lens will not become blurred because of the air leakage of the mask.

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Xiaomi Smartmi N95 Face Mask with a stand, special adjustment hook, and a bag of desiccant, to prevent the product from damp bacteria. The overall first impression is good.

From the hand point of view, Smartmi N95 Face Mask feels better than 3M N95 mask, and the hand of polyurethane skin-friendly fabric is very good, which feels like it is on a fine memory sponge. As a whole, you can’t see the stitches and threads, and the design is also quick and agile.

There is no burr, there is Smartmi logo above, the overall texture is very good.

Here’s a close-up of the internal filter layer:

In fact, the mask holder has been installed in the factory. After it is installed, it is like the following, which can better wrap the muzzle position and leave some space for muzzle breathing.

From the point of view of recycling, the mask holder and adjusting hook should be reusable, but the mask is one on one, so there is nothing to it.

Package List

 In terms of specific specifications, the PM2.5 filtration effect is ≥97%. The way of wearing ear wear can be used with an ear strap hook. Each set contains mask *3, supporting frame *1, and ear strap hook *3.


This kind of mask is better than the ordinary anti-smog mask, the user experience is better, the appearance level is higher. If there is a need, worth buying it.

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