Nitecore E4k 4400 Lumens Flashlight Review

your everyday carry is about to get a whole lot brighter meet the Nitecore E4k EDC flashlight which packs a powerful 4400 lumens output into a pocket-sized body, so it’s easy to carry with you every day and night.

Official Specs and Features

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Maximum Brightness4400 lumens
Peak Beam Distance230 yards
Peak Beam Intensity11100 cd
IP RatingIP68 – 2m submersible
Impact Resistance1 m


Turbo4,400 Lumens30 min
High1,050 Lumens3 hr 15 min
Mid320 Lumens7 hr 30 min
Low50 Lumens45 hr
Ultralow2 Lumens700 hr
Strobe4,400 Lumens– –
SOS4,400 Lumens– –
Beacon4,400 Lumens– –


Your everyday carry is about to get a whole lot brighter meet the Nitecore E4k EDC flashlight which packs a powerful 4400 lumens output into a pocket-sized body, so it’s easy to carry with you every day and night.

Powered by a rechargeable 21700 batteries, the E4k has everything you need right out of the box. Let’s take a closer look.

Nitecore E4k

The E4k is built from aero grade anodized aluminum and measures a stout four to six inches long. A large single control button is located within easy reach on the side of the bezel and diamond knurling on the body helps you keep a firm grip.

with an IP 68 waterproof rating and a 1-meter impact resistance, you can trust the E4k can handle any weather or need.


Nestled into the bezel of the E4k, four Cree XPL v6 LEDs are combined to produce this light impressive 4400 lumens output for lower modes ranging from 2 lumens on ultra-low to 1050 lumens on high plus strobe SOS and beacon round out the functionality of the E4K and give you the output you need for any situation.

Nitecore E4k

Night Demo

NItecore E4k

Control (TURN ON)

Controlling the E4k is done entirely from the side control button. turn on the e4k by pressing and holding the button and the light will initially turn on to the previously used output.

Brightness adjustment

As you continue to hold the button the e4k will cycle through brightness levels when you reach your desired output, simply release the button.


To turn the e4K off, tap the control button again and the light will shut off.

DIRECT Ultralow

The e4k also offers direct access to ultra-low and turbo outputs, when the e4k is turned off quickly.

Direct TURBO

Double-tap the control button to directly access ultra-low to directly access turbo. when the e4k is turned on, press and hold the control button to access momentary turbo releasing the button will return the light to the previous output.

Special modes

The e4k also has three special modes that are useful for signaling and emergencies which can be accessed by triple pressing the control button when the e4k is turned on. The e4k will first enter strobe mode, and from here you can long-press the button to cycle to SOS, and again for beacon mode.

At any time quickly press the control button to exit special modes and turn the light off.

finally, the e4k has two operating modes that control what happens when you triple press the control button. when the flashlight is turned off in daily mode triple pressing the button will directly access turbo in tactical mode the action will directly activate strobe to set your preferred user mode. First, loosen the tail cap, next while holding down the control button tighten the tail cap the LEDs will then flash once to indicate daily mode or twice to indicate tactical mode. repeat this action to switch between modes.

Battery & Charging

The e4k is powered by a high-performance 21700 battery that comes included in the manufacturer’s packaging. this battery can also be directly charged using the included USB-C charging cable, thanks to a convenient built-in charging port on the battery itself .simply plug the battery into your preferred USB power source, and a red indicator light on the positive end of the battery will illuminate to indicate charging is in progress, and turn green upon completion.

The e4k has a voltage indicator that will report your battery’s voltage upon initial installation after inserting a battery and tightening the tail cap, a blue indicator light underneath the control button will flash two sets of numbers to report the battery voltage.

You can also always check how much power is left.when the e4K is turned off by short pressing the control button here.

The blue LED indicator will flash three times of powers above 50%, two times if it is below 50% and once if the power is below 10%. then it’s time to recharge your battery out of the box

The e4K comes with a flashlight and NL 2150 HP r battery, a USB-C charging cable, pocket clip, lanyard, holster, spare o-ring and cr123a battery magazine.