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Nitecore DL20 Diving Flashlight Review! Right now the best price with coupon code for this product is $77.99 (in Banggood). Check coupons!

Get ready to make a splash with the Nitecore DL20 diving flashlight. This upgrade to the DL10 pushes the waterproof rating from 30 meters all the way up to 100 meters, so you can reliably explore even the deepest depths. Let’s take a closer look at everything the DL20 can do. The body on the DL20 is very similar to the DL10, featuring a slim one-inch body tube and measures a stout five-point to 4 inches long net quarters replaced the removable pointer with a new silicone. An insulated lanyard that helps secure your flashlight during dives.

Looking at the bezel of the DL20, you can see the primary XPL HI V3 LED surrounded by a ring of 10 red LEDs.These outputs are controlled independently by the two control buttons, located within easy reach along the side of the bezel conquer even the darkest depths. On turbo, the DL20 reaches a 1000 lumen max output and offers up to 243 yards of throw distance to illuminate your underwater world for photography and revealing even more detail the DL 20, also produces up to 115 lumens of red.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a diving flashlight without an impressive waterproof rating. And the DL20 delivers big using a double o-ring system to protect the internal components. The DL20 is rated ipx8 for up to a hundred meters deep. The controls on the DL20
are so super simple. Press and hold the top button closest to the front of the light for about half a second to access 1000 lumens of output. Repeat that action to turn the light off or quickly. Tap the button while the light is on to toggle between high and low modes to access red outputs.

Perform the same actions on the bottom button closer to the handle. Press and hold the button for about half a second to turn the light on and off or tap the button to cycle between modes. And because each output is controlled independently, you can turn on any combination you like. The DL20 has one additional special mode strobe to access strobe. Press and hold both buttons simultaneously for about half a second from any state pressing any button once will return the deal of 22 the previous state.

To operate the DL 20, you will need either one 18650 button top battery or two cr123a sized batteries. To insert the batteries, unscrew the head of the flashlight from the handle and insert your battery in the correct orientation. Reassemble the light and you’re good to go on a single charge. The DL20 can run for up to one hour and 15 minutes on the highest white output at up to nine hours on the lowest red setting. The DL20 comes with the flashlight lanyard spare o-rings instruction manual and warranty card.

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