Astrolux FT03 Luminus SST40 Type-C USB Rechargeable LED Flashlight Coupon Deals

Astrolxu FT03 2400 lumen 875m LED Flashlight! Best coupon deals for this product is $31.99 (in Banggood). Check coupons below.

Astrolux, a budget flashlight brand, relying on innovative technology and practical design, is intended for manufacturing and providing cost-effective flashlights and lighting accessories for different usages and conditions. It has a good start in 2019.
The FT03 is the first product of Astrolux in 2019, a powerful EDC lamp, High-quality thrower!
Astrolux FT03 is fitted with one luminus SST40-W and uses a NarsilM v1.3 Firmware, rechargeable over Type-C 2A USB port.

PRODUCT Astrolux FT03
OUTPUT(MAX) 2400 Lumens
Emitter Type 1x Luminus SST40
LUMENS 0%-100% Lumen
RANGE 875 Meters
Impact Resistant 1.5 m
BATTERY 1x 26650/21700/18650

Price without coupon: $45.95

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• Unscrew the tail-cap and insert a 26650 cell.
• Double check the polarity every time before closing: The battery must point with a plus (nipple) towards the head.
• Screw the tail-cap back. The Astrolux FT03 will flash twice when electrical contact is made. Continue to tighten the tail-cap to a gentle stop. Do not over- tighten.
• All functions are performed using the single side button. Note that pressing this button continuously for more than 16 s enters the UI configuration settings (indicated by the light blinking). If this is done inadvertently, exit the configuration settings by simply releasing the button briefly then pressing it again continuously for about 4 s until all the resulting blinks stop.
• The FT03 comes factory-set to use the RAMPING UI: From OFF, press&hold the side button. The light output will ramp up from a very low level to full power. Release the button when the required light level is reached. (The full ramp takes about 3 s. To signal ‘End of Ramp’ it does a subtle blink ) Use a single-click at any time to turn the FT03 OFF. Please see below for further details.
• There is a very small drain on the battery while OFF. This should not be of any concern, but we recommend removing the cell (or partially loosening the tail-cap) if the FT03 will not be used for several months.
• If you transport this light in a bag use at least the electronic lock-out! It will burn things on higher levels!

Astrolux FT03 Flashlight User Manual(click to download)