Xiaomi Smartmi N95 Face Mask Review: Protect Against the Corona Virus!

Xiaomi Smartmi N95 Face Mask is better than the ordinary anti-smog mask, the user experience is better, the appearance level is higher. If there is a need, worth buying it.

Xiaomi Smartmi N95 Face Mask, N95 protection standard, 3D arch framework


The light breathing anti-haze mask of Smartmi conforms to the protection standard of KN95. (Same as N95 Standard from the US) With the introduction of 3D arch skeleton and highly breathable filter material, the filter material and the face can form a gap. Nearly 100% of the filter material area can let air flow through, expanding the ventilation area and greatly reducing the resistance. Inspiratory drag is as low as 100Pa. Under the simple appearance, it contains five layers of high-efficiency filter material, which can effectively filter harmful substances such as dust, pollen, automobile exhaust and fine particulate matter in addition to PM2.5.

The external diameter of the breathing valve reaches 40mm, making the airflow smoother. At the same time, the breathing valve is equipped with 0.3mm ultra-thin silica gel valve, resilient, high tightness, low expiratory resistance up to 45Pa, ensure the face is always dry and comfortable, not easy to damp. Each Smartmi light breathing anti-smog mask is equipped with an ear band hook that contains three gears. When worn with the ear band hook, the tightness of the mask will be further enhanced. Even if the user wears glasses, the lens will not become blurred because of the air leakage of the mask.

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Xiaomi Smartmi N95 Face Mask with a stand, special adjustment hook, and a bag of desiccant, to prevent the product from damp bacteria. The overall first impression is good.

From the hand point of view, Smartmi N95 Face Mask feels better than 3M N95 mask, and the hand of polyurethane skin-friendly fabric is very good, which feels like it is on a fine memory sponge. As a whole, you can’t see the stitches and threads, and the design is also quick and agile.

There is no burr, there is Smartmi logo above, the overall texture is very good.

Here’s a close-up of the internal filter layer:

In fact, the mask holder has been installed in the factory. After it is installed, it is like the following, which can better wrap the muzzle position and leave some space for muzzle breathing.

From the point of view of recycling, the mask holder and adjusting hook should be reusable, but the mask is one on one, so there is nothing to it.

Package List

 In terms of specific specifications, the PM2.5 filtration effect is ≥97%. The way of wearing ear wear can be used with an ear strap hook. Each set contains mask *3, supporting frame *1, and ear strap hook *3.


This kind of mask is better than the ordinary anti-smog mask, the user experience is better, the appearance level is higher. If there is a need, worth buying it.

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Xiaomi Mijia MSX201 Electric Shaver Review: Pocket Size Under $19!

Xiamo Mijia electric shaver is very small, round body and matte material grip are very comfortable, whether it is daily use or travel, convenient to carry.

What gives everybody to share today is Xiaomi shaver, which is small and exquisite, the function is comprehensive, suit the person that often goes out very much to use.

Xiaomi Mijia MSX201 Descriptions and Specification

xiaomi mini shaver review


▲ As a product of Xiaomi, Mijia electric double-blade head razor inherits the consistent simple but elegant packaging style of MI series products. The color picture of the product is on the front, and the logo of Mijia in the upper right corner indicates that this product comes from Xiaomi. The quality is absolutely reassuring.

xiaomi mijia electric shaver review

▲ the two sides of the package come with the main features of the product: type-c charging, IPX7 waterproof, 10-minute power-off protection, intelligent travel lock, independent floating double blade head, double-ring blade net, small and portable, ultra-long endurance eight characteristics. To tell the truth, after seeing this basic parameter information know that the performance of this Xiaomi shaver must be very good.

xiaomi zhibai mini shaver review

▲ Xiaomi shaver adopts a pull-out design, the paper box wraps the shaver firmly, and the shaver has a layer of abrasive bag protection. So the careful packaging effectively prevents the product from being scratched in transit.

xiaomi travel shaver review

▲ Picture of Mijia electric double-blade shaver: shaver, type-c charging cable, storage bag and a manual; It may not be equipped with a charger due to cost considerations, so users need to pair it with a normal phone charger or a USB port to use it.

Package List

xiaomi razor review

▲ Come with a receiving bag, can hold next razor. It can be very convenient to carry, at the same time receive bag material and workmanship is very good, feel very comfortable, it can be better protected when using razor-sharp objects scratch every day.

xiaomi shaver review
xiaomi mini shaver review

▲ Mijia electric double blade shaver body black, very simple fashion, the body used a matte material, hold in the hand is very delicate and comfortable, the front has a metal texture on the key, below is the travel lock indicator light and power indicator light.

xiaomi mijia electric shaver review

▲ The Picture-back of the rice logo looks very stylish and beautiful.

xiaomi zhibai mini shaver review

▲ Mijia electric double head shaver using the independent floating double head, the two independent head can float up and down the curve of the face, easy to deal with the chin, jaw and other prominent parts of the face, to solve the shaving dead Angle, make shaving easier and clean.

xiaomi travel shaver review


▲ at the bottom of the razor product name, manufacturers, basic parameters and other information, the right faucet logo prompt this razor can be cleaned under the faucet, very convenient. In the middle is the charging port of shaver. This kind of Mijia shaver adopts the type-c charging port at a higher cost. Now the mobile phone interface has popularized the type-c charging port, so it will be much more convenient to charge when you go out.

xiaomi razor review

▲ charging cable using the universal USB interface, can be directly connected to a mobile phone charger, computer, the mobile power supply can be convenient for charging, travel is very practical.

xiaomi razor review

▲ the following indicator light, when charging LED light color change indicates the state of electricity, the light is red breath flicker, charging for 0%-20%, the light is orange breath flicker, charging for 20%-40%, the light is white breath flicker, charging for 40%-100%, the light is white always bright, indicating the power has been full. Of course, there will also be white, orange, red hints of the actual battery power, when the red light is always on the need for timely charging. It is worth mentioning that the built-in lithium battery of Xiaomi shaver can be used for 90 minutes under full charge. If one minute every day, it can be used for 3 months. Even if you forget to charge can’t boot, it can be used at least once after charging for 5 minutes, very powerful.

xiaomi razor review

▲ the travel lock function of Mijia electric double-blade shaver can avoid the accidental start of the shaver in the luggage bag. When the shaver is off, long-press the key to open for three seconds to enter the travel lock locking state. In travel lock state, long press on key for 3 seconds to exit the lock state.

xiaomi razor review

▲ Xiaomi shaver can be separated body. Holding the head to the side of the break can be easily disassembled. You can see the head and razor internal work is very good, double ring elastic knife net, increase the beard into the area, shaving more quickly and comfortable.

xiaomi razor review

▲ Xiaomi shaver high-speed silent motor powerful, after testing the noise and vibration is really well controlled.

xiaomi razor review

▲ Mijia electric double-blade shaver in the hand is very small, round body and matte material grip are very comfortable, whether it is daily use or travel, do not take up space, convenient to carry.

xiaomi razor review


▲ Xiaomi shaver has passed the IPX7 waterproof test. IPX7 waterproof refers to the equipment can be immersed in water for 30 minutes under 1 meter, and will not cause damage to the equipment. Xiaomi shaver machine can be directly under the faucet for washing, the knife head removed to clean the stubble is very convenient.

xiaomi razor review

In Conclusion:

Mijia electric rotary double head razor compact and portable, simple and fashionable appearance, superb solid workmanship; At the same time, independent floating double head, type-c charging, IPX7 waterproof, intelligent travel lock, ultra-long battery life, and other functions are very practical, after a period of use, do not find too big shortcomings, very comfortable to use, if you often go out to work or travel, then this razor is definitely worth getting!

NITECORE TIKI Flashlight review: multi-purpose EDC lighting tool

NITECORE TIKI with a key chain weighs less than a battery — just 14.5 grams — and is compact enough to be light enough to carry around on a key.

NItecore TIKI

NITECORE’s key lights are light, compact and easy to carry around. NITECORE‘s key lights include the TIP, TIP2 with double beads, TUP with a 1000lm brightness display, TINI with glitter, and more. This article will briefly describe this simple and convenient lighting tool – TIKI.

Official Specs and Features

Link to the product page.

Price and Coupon

Price without coupon: $19.95
Coupon ($17.56): BGTORCH
Long term effective


The packaging is still the yellow and black color match of NITECORE family, plastic card package, you can directly see the TIKI inside, the main performance indicators are in the front, standard with stainless steel quick key chain, praise.


If not familiar with NITECORE’s products are better of saving the packaging and Manual. Because a TIKI has three lights and is controlled by only one switch, it takes a while to get familiar with the operation. The way to operate TIKI is printed on the back of the package. Just take it out and have a look.

Exquisite and compact in appearance


The TIKI with a key chain weighs less than a battery — just 14.5 grams — and is compact enough to be light enough to carry around on a key.


With the TIKI so small and slim, and the case still looking plastic, one might think it’s not strong enough to swing around on a key and break the end. There’s no need to worry, either the TIKI’s all-in-one hole or the stainless steel key chain is very strong. There’s no problem with hanging a kettlebell that weighs nearly 5kg. In fact, the TIKI can withstand a tension of 30kg.


This allows you to hang the TIKI at any location on your body. You can take it with you, which is very convenient and not afraid of falling and losing.


The TIKI’s shell is actually made of PC material, a high-strength organic material that combines both strength and transparency, giving the TIKI’s sidelights room to shine.


Inside the lamp, which has a raised TIKI and other certification marks on one side, is a polymer lithium-ion rechargeable battery that has a high voltage and enough charge to provide higher brightness and longer battery life than alkaline batteries.


The TIKI lamp holder is covered in stainless steel for a large area, which ensures the strength of the main lamp and also helps to dissipate heat inside the lamp holder, preventing the lamp beads from fading due to high brightness and temperature.


The NITECORE logo is printed on the side of the lamp body, and the other plane is the position of the switch. The touch of the switch rubber cap is comfortable, with a key range of about 3mm, which can trigger the feedback of sound and touch. However, due to the limitation of the overall volume, the TIKI switch is also relatively small, which needs to be operated with fingertips.


The main light is bright enough, light and easy to use

The TIKI’s main lamp USES an Osram P8 white light bead, which can reach a maximum luminous flux of 300 lumens, making it the best in the key lamp.


Lamp bead exterior USES the way of total reflection lens to guide light, this also is a small flashlight and key lamp commonly used way, the advantage is to be able to compare focus light, form brightness more even spot.


By the way, the general small hand light has TIR lens, the bead TIR lens, the Aluminum alloy reflector and so on way to guide the light (below from left to right), each has the advantage, according to the flashlight USES the different choice, can form the different light effect.


Thanks to the high-efficiency constant-current design, the TIKI has no strobe at any of its constant light Settings, ensuring that your eyes don’t get tired of using it often. Under the action of a TIR lens, a perfectly round spot can also be formed, and the brightness in the spot is even.


The key lamp is used casually in daily life. If the stair lamp is broken at night, you can take out the TIKI and double-click the switch to open the main lamp. The middle-range brightness is enough to illuminate the whole corridor to ensure the safety of the upper and lower stairs.


Because light and convenient, hanging on the key can be used at will, check the electricity meter, rummaging for things, especially convenient to use.


The brightness of the main outdoor lamp is also very high, and the vision is very bright for close use. The divergence angle of the light from the outlet tube is about 5°, and a larger comfortable lighting area can be formed at a distance, which is more suitable for hanging on the top of the tent and can fully illuminate the tent.


TIKI’s main light has a total of 4 normal lighting modes. Double-click the switch to turn on the main light, and click the switch to shift gears. In the outdoor use of highlighted, extremely bright two gears are more suitable, the visual distance and field of view are better, extremely bright 300lm to see clearly 50 meters away is not a problem.

TIKI supports lighting while charging, so as long as the TIKI is raised with a bracket, a simple desk lamp can be formed. Camping out with a charging kit and TIKI becomes an all-night lighting tool, which is very practical.


High CRI AUX light + UV light, a wide range of applications

On the switch side of the TIKI, there are also two secondary lights inside the lamp body. One is a lamp bead with CRI>90 4500K (yellow in the picture below), and the other is a 365nm UV lamp bead (white in the picture below), with power up to 0.5w.


The three-click switch can turn on the secondary light, first, turn on the UV, click the switch to white light, then click the switch to white flash mode, long-press the switch to close, the dimming shift is also more convenient.


Because the PC material of the lamp body itself has a certain soft light effect, so the brightness of the sidelight is not dazzling, can achieve close uniform light lighting, outdoor to see a map what more practical. Personally, it would be better if the sidelight and the switch were not on the same plane so that visible or ultraviolet light would not enter the eye directly when the switch is pressed.


The sidelight can also realize the flicker function. When doing outdoor activities, you can turn on the flicker function of the TIKI sidelight to form a signal source, which can be turned on to mark the camp location, organize a team to climb at night, ride at night, or need help to give others a more eye-catching hint.

The UV function is most commonly used to check banknotes. TIKI is attached to the key chain, so it is very convenient to check banknotes whenever you go shopping. TIKI USES UV light at the wavelength of 365nm with a power of 0.5w, which is good for fluorescence excitation. In addition, ultraviolet light in jade flaw detection, fluorescent detection is also very useful.


Performance measurement

After looking at the TIKI’s versatile lighting capabilities, take a look at the main features. Test the TIKI’s brightness with an illuminometer. The main lamp is about 15cm away from the illuminometer.


The illumination of the white light of the side lamp is about 250lux, and the main lamp has 4 regular light Settings, and the corresponding illumination steps are shown in the figure below. Generally, the extremely bright Settings have a slightly larger span, in order to ensure the violent lighting effect of the extremely bright Settings, and the brightness is gradually decreasing, in order to control the calorimeter.


When it comes to heating, I used a thermocouple thermometer to measure the temperature of the stainless steel surface of the lamp holder while doing the illumination test. The starting room temperature is about 20.9℃, and the lamp holder temperature is 38.3℃ when the gear is down, which is not too high.


When the illuminance is kept level and the heat dissipation is roughly balanced, the lamp holder temperature is 43℃, which is well controlled. Even if the hand accidentally touches the lamp, it will not cause skin scald. The organic material of the lamp body has poor thermal conductivity, that is, the state of mild temperature.


 Keep the main light on for about 1 minute, TIKI straight down to the highlighter, and keep the near-horizontal illumination output for a long time. This stage lasts for about 30 minutes, and the TIKI brightness curves down again and stays at the low lighter level. So the TIKI will last about an hour or so on a full charge.


TIKI is a built-in polymer lithium battery. There is a micro-USB charging interface at the end of the lamp body. Normally, it is dust-proof and waterproof with a rubber cap.


During charging, the blue indicator light inside the lamp body will light up, and the charging current is about 0.12a. It is also safe for small batteries to charge with A small current, and the charging power is about 0.6w.


 It took about 1 hour and 1 quarter to charge, the blue indicator light was off, the meter showed 133mAh and 0.66wh charge, and the battery capacity was not marked.


NITECORE lighting products are almost always IPX8 waterproof, while TIKI has a lower level of dust and water, IP66. In order to do the test, I turned on the main light and threw it directly into the stream, which had no impact at all. After taking it out, all the operations were normal. Even in the case of heavy rain, the use would not cause damage.


Simple summary

NITECORE continues to bring forth new products in the field of key lights. NITECORE’s products are becoming smaller and more pleasing in appearance, more and more functions, and not more complicated in operation, which conforms to the current trend of minimalism. The TIKI and the TIKI LE are different, can play different roles, and are good portable lighting tools to have.


In general, TIKI light and portable is the biggest advantage, the 300lm light flux is sufficient for daily use, and the battery life and charging speed are also good, especially the UV sub-lamp, which has a good performance in fluorescence detection. And go outdoors activity, the weight of 10 grams is light if have no matter, can bring light at the critical moment however, a piece of more price, be worth proceeding with.


Nitecore E4k 4400 Lumens Flashlight Review

your everyday carry is about to get a whole lot brighter meet the Nitecore E4k EDC flashlight which packs a powerful 4400 lumens output into a pocket-sized body, so it’s easy to carry with you every day and night.

Official Specs and Features

Link to the product page.


Maximum Brightness4400 lumens
Peak Beam Distance230 yards
Peak Beam Intensity11100 cd
IP RatingIP68 – 2m submersible
Impact Resistance1 m


Turbo4,400 Lumens30 min
High1,050 Lumens3 hr 15 min
Mid320 Lumens7 hr 30 min
Low50 Lumens45 hr
Ultralow2 Lumens700 hr
Strobe4,400 Lumens– –
SOS4,400 Lumens– –
Beacon4,400 Lumens– –


Your everyday carry is about to get a whole lot brighter meet the Nitecore E4k EDC flashlight which packs a powerful 4400 lumens output into a pocket-sized body, so it’s easy to carry with you every day and night.

Powered by a rechargeable 21700 batteries, the E4k has everything you need right out of the box. Let’s take a closer look.

Nitecore E4k

The E4k is built from aero grade anodized aluminum and measures a stout four to six inches long. A large single control button is located within easy reach on the side of the bezel and diamond knurling on the body helps you keep a firm grip.

with an IP 68 waterproof rating and a 1-meter impact resistance, you can trust the E4k can handle any weather or need.


Nestled into the bezel of the E4k, four Cree XPL v6 LEDs are combined to produce this light impressive 4400 lumens output for lower modes ranging from 2 lumens on ultra-low to 1050 lumens on high plus strobe SOS and beacon round out the functionality of the E4K and give you the output you need for any situation.

Nitecore E4k

Night Demo

NItecore E4k

Control (TURN ON)

Controlling the E4k is done entirely from the side control button. turn on the e4k by pressing and holding the button and the light will initially turn on to the previously used output.

Brightness adjustment

As you continue to hold the button the e4k will cycle through brightness levels when you reach your desired output, simply release the button.


To turn the e4K off, tap the control button again and the light will shut off.

DIRECT Ultralow

The e4k also offers direct access to ultra-low and turbo outputs, when the e4k is turned off quickly.

Direct TURBO

Double-tap the control button to directly access ultra-low to directly access turbo. when the e4k is turned on, press and hold the control button to access momentary turbo releasing the button will return the light to the previous output.

Special modes

The e4k also has three special modes that are useful for signaling and emergencies which can be accessed by triple pressing the control button when the e4k is turned on. The e4k will first enter strobe mode, and from here you can long-press the button to cycle to SOS, and again for beacon mode.

At any time quickly press the control button to exit special modes and turn the light off.

finally, the e4k has two operating modes that control what happens when you triple press the control button. when the flashlight is turned off in daily mode triple pressing the button will directly access turbo in tactical mode the action will directly activate strobe to set your preferred user mode. First, loosen the tail cap, next while holding down the control button tighten the tail cap the LEDs will then flash once to indicate daily mode or twice to indicate tactical mode. repeat this action to switch between modes.

Battery & Charging

The e4k is powered by a high-performance 21700 battery that comes included in the manufacturer’s packaging. this battery can also be directly charged using the included USB-C charging cable, thanks to a convenient built-in charging port on the battery itself .simply plug the battery into your preferred USB power source, and a red indicator light on the positive end of the battery will illuminate to indicate charging is in progress, and turn green upon completion.

The e4k has a voltage indicator that will report your battery’s voltage upon initial installation after inserting a battery and tightening the tail cap, a blue indicator light underneath the control button will flash two sets of numbers to report the battery voltage.

You can also always check how much power is left.when the e4K is turned off by short pressing the control button here.

The blue LED indicator will flash three times of powers above 50%, two times if it is below 50% and once if the power is below 10%. then it’s time to recharge your battery out of the box

The e4K comes with a flashlight and NL 2150 HP r battery, a USB-C charging cable, pocket clip, lanyard, holster, spare o-ring and cr123a battery magazine.

Nitecore DL20 Diving Light Review & Coupon

Nitecore DL20 Diving Flashlight Review! Right now the best price with coupon code for this product is $77.99 (in Banggood). Check coupons!

Get ready to make a splash with the Nitecore DL20 diving flashlight. This upgrade to the DL10 pushes the waterproof rating from 30 meters all the way up to 100 meters, so you can reliably explore even the deepest depths. Let’s take a closer look at everything the DL20 can do. The body on the DL20 is very similar to the DL10, featuring a slim one-inch body tube and measures a stout five-point to 4 inches long net quarters replaced the removable pointer with a new silicone. An insulated lanyard that helps secure your flashlight during dives.

Looking at the bezel of the DL20, you can see the primary XPL HI V3 LED surrounded by a ring of 10 red LEDs.These outputs are controlled independently by the two control buttons, located within easy reach along the side of the bezel conquer even the darkest depths. On turbo, the DL20 reaches a 1000 lumen max output and offers up to 243 yards of throw distance to illuminate your underwater world for photography and revealing even more detail the DL 20, also produces up to 115 lumens of red.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a diving flashlight without an impressive waterproof rating. And the DL20 delivers big using a double o-ring system to protect the internal components. The DL20 is rated ipx8 for up to a hundred meters deep. The controls on the DL20
are so super simple. Press and hold the top button closest to the front of the light for about half a second to access 1000 lumens of output. Repeat that action to turn the light off or quickly. Tap the button while the light is on to toggle between high and low modes to access red outputs.

Perform the same actions on the bottom button closer to the handle. Press and hold the button for about half a second to turn the light on and off or tap the button to cycle between modes. And because each output is controlled independently, you can turn on any combination you like. The DL20 has one additional special mode strobe to access strobe. Press and hold both buttons simultaneously for about half a second from any state pressing any button once will return the deal of 22 the previous state.

To operate the DL 20, you will need either one 18650 button top battery or two cr123a sized batteries. To insert the batteries, unscrew the head of the flashlight from the handle and insert your battery in the correct orientation. Reassemble the light and you’re good to go on a single charge. The DL20 can run for up to one hour and 15 minutes on the highest white output at up to nine hours on the lowest red setting. The DL20 comes with the flashlight lanyard spare o-rings instruction manual and warranty card.

Nitecore DL20 Official Data

Price without coupon:$89.95brandnc coupon ($71.96) cоde (76.46 dollars)<= bgbfcr41 cоde (77.99 dollars) bgdl20bgtorch (79.16 dollars)
(updateTime 2019-11-26 20:34:48)

Nitecore DL20 Diving Test

Redmi Note 8 Pro Review & Coupon

Redmi Note 8 Pro is the newest budget-friendly powerhouse from Xiaomi’s sub-brand. Aside from its super hard outer shell for a robust durability, it’s also featuring an all new quad-camera setup with a 64MP large primary sensor, a MediaTek Helio G90T chipset and a large 4,500mAh battery with fast charge.

Coupon: BNOTE8P8
Regular Price : $275.56 Your Save : $61.57 Coupon Limit: 100 times Warehouse: HK Expires : January 31, 2020 Coupon Valid for : All users


Search for redmi note 8 pro review & coupon on Aliexpress:
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Astrolux MF01S 18x SST20 Flashlight Review & Coupon

Astrolux MF01S Flashlight Review. Excellent upgrade to the MF01. More modern look, 3000 lumens brighter with by-pass springs & beautiful auxiliary lights. Best coupon deals for this product is $83.99(in banggood). Check coupons below.

Excellent upgrade to the MF01. Astrolux MF01S is with a more modern look, 3000 lumens brighter with by-pass springs & beautiful auxiliary lights. Also, a better UI, highly recommended by a flashlight collector. Love the interface, silver color and performance. The only way it could be better is with the hi CRI Samsung LEDs.Extremely powerful light in a compact size. Very good build quality. Anduril UI is really funny. Follow me check Astrolux.

Astrolux MF01S Compared With MF01
Astrolux MF01S Review

Astrolux MF01S (without battery):

Coupon: r BGBF19
Banggood Coupon Price :$82.95
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JETBEAM JET-KO02 EDC Flashlight Review

JETBeam Jet KO-02 Flashlight Review. It utilizes CREE XHP35 LED, output ranges from 12 to 1800 lumens, up to 270 meters.

JETBeam JET-KO02 Flashlight Review

This pocket-sized flashlight only measures 5″ long, using one CREE XHP35 LED, high-efficiency digital circuit combined with specially designed deep reflector, but it can crank out 1800 lumens and a beam up to 270 meters. Made from aerospace-grade aluminum and is IPX-8 waterproof(2 meters underwater ) and impact resistant. Offers three brightness modes and recharges via USB. User-friendly metal side switch for five brightness levels and strobe easy to operate.

Original Price: $69.99
Coupon 1 ($52.49): BGTBFL
(updateTime 2019-11-11 19:29:57)

Xiaomi mi 9 review & coupon code 2019

Xiaomi mi 9 comes with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage as standard, and you’ll also be able to pick up a model with 128GB or 256GB of storage and 8GB of RAM.

Xiaomi mi 9 comes with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage as standard, and you’ll also be able to pick up a model with 128GB or 256GB of storage and 8GB of RAM. There’s a version that offers 12GB of RAM, but that’s exclusive to the Chinese market. Like previous Mi flagships, the Mi 9 misses out on a MicroSD slot, but you do get a dual SIM card tray.

Price without coupon: $467.48

Coupon1 ($259.99): BGM9TGCL
Coupon2 ($269.99): BG8M9TCC
Coupon3 ($273.99): BG8M9GSE
Coupon4 ($340.99): 7bcdf9
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