Astrolux MF01S UVC Led Sterilizer Flashlight ($101.99)Coupon Promo Code

Astrolux MF01S UVC Flashlight

Astrolux MF01S UVC Led Sterilizer Flashlight is a powerful product! If you have coupons in Banggood, you maybe buy it the lowest price in history $101.99.Follow me check Flashlight.

Price without coupon: $142.95
Coupon Code($101.99): BGSUVC


1. 18x powerful LEDs
2. UVC 275nm short wave sterilization and disinfection 
3. Lock function to prevent children from touching
4. Using quartz wafer glass, UVC wave transmittance is better
5.Multi-function as UVA rays flashlight,  Fluorescence detection pen,  Sterilization detection pen, phony detection pen, etc.

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